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Welcome To Bible Alive Free Two Year Online Bible School

 This Bible School is the culmination of many years teaching the Bible (mainly in my home), recording the sessions (for some reason I was impressed to do so), and then, later, finding out from the Lord the reason why I had recorded these sessions all these years. This website is the reason.

These lessons are developed in a topical fashion because that's the way the Lord gave them to me. I feel this topical teaching method supported with written outlines can be a very good way to pass on the organized Bible knowledge necessary for someone called to minister God's Word to others, or for a lay person to most quickly learn how to apply the Bible to his or her daily life.

Home Bible Study location where most of the teachings were done

This Bible School might be described as a 'Bible School on How to Live Life'. In this school you won't find lessons on Homiletics, Old and New Testament, etc. Rather you will find lessons on how to live your daily life according to biblical principles thereby obtaining the blessings, the excitement and the presence of God that go with such a life. Unlike most Bible schools, this school is primarily for the laity - ordinary people who want to know how to live their daily lives the way their God intended it - in the very center of His will - and then pass it on to others. This school is completely free so no one is excluded - your only investment is your time. So settle back and begin your first trimester working your way through each lesson, gradually learning how to live life with God as your daily Partner in your job, your marriage, in raising children, obtaining answered prayer, passing on what you've learned to others, and in many other aspects of your daily life.
Each Lesson has 4 parts: Lesson Outlines, Teaching, Homework, and Homework Discussion with Answers.
Let's see how this works...


Anyone can obtain a general knowledge of what the Bible teaches just by reading...

But what about when you want to do an organized, in depth study of a Bible topic and get more of your senses involved through sound and visual aids...?

 ...And see what you've learned by doing Homework and then listening to a group discussion of the Homework...? Then, for formal students, having it all organized in a way you can obtain a diploma upon completion of the full 2 year coursework?

       For that, you need this....

This Sample Bible Lesson is HBS-001, from the CD series entitled "The Key to Success"






Do Homework

T  . The Bible is written by inspiration of God.


Correct Homework Answers

while listening to H/W  Discussion

Formal Students only, send corrected homework to:

Start Teaching CD


Follow Outline


Do Homework


H/W Discussed


Check H/W Answers


Send H/W Answers


      This should give you an idea of how this method of Bible Study works.

To see the lessons currently available online that use this method, click here.

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How To Receive A Promise From God

A promise in the Word of God is seed that is sown in the heart producing a fruit called Faith.

  This Faith when acted upon, activates a spiritual force that works to bring the thing promised into actual manifestation.

 Lk 8:11, Rom 10:17, Jas 2:17, Rom 1:16, 1Th 1:5, Eph 1:3


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