The Key To Success - Part 1




T/F  (Score 7 Points Per Question).


__F_. God told Joshua that if he would just meditate in His Word, he would prosper. (A. (Joshua must DO what He said)


_ F__. God listened to Joshua and when He did what he said, the walls fell down.  (A. Joshua listened to God, not the other way around)


_T_.  There     were two ways for the walls to fall down. One takes a lot of work and many deaths, while the other way requires listening to God and doing what He says.


_F__. God gave Joshua such detailed instructions involving many days of marching around the walls and the blowing of the ram’s horn and then the shout, because God didn’t know any other way to get the walls to fall down.


Why do you think God went to such elaborate means to cause the walls to fall down? Write.

(A. Because He wanted to teach us that DOING exactly what He said is the key to receiving from God).


_F__. From Lk 6:46-49 we learn that bad things come to us all, but the one who hears God’s Word will triumph over adversity, while the one who doesn’t hear it, will be overcome.

(A. The key is to DO it – not just HEAR it.)


What does the word “Lord” mean to you? Write.

(A. When we make Jesus Lord, we invite Him to take charge of our lives and show and tell us what His wishes are)


What does Lk 6:46-49 have in common with the “Joshua and the walls”? Write.

(A. Success came when the person DID what the Word said – not just when he HEARD it.)


_F_. The Word in the book of James tells us to be hearers of the word and not doers only. (A. Just the other way around.)


_T_. It also says that when we look in our mirror, which is the Word, it will show us things about ourselves.


_T_. A mirror doesn’t usually show the face of others - mostly just us.


_T_. If we look into the Word, it will tell us what to do in life situations.


_F__. If we will just listen to what it says, we will be blessed in what we do. (A. We must DO what it says).


_T_. God’s way is the Word’s way.


_T_. Jesus is called the Word of God because what He did, perfectly reflected His Father’s will.


Scoring: 0-19- Mike’s a terrible teacher;  20-29- Did you do the Homework in the car on your way here? 30-39-You can improve on this; 40-49-Keep trying; 50-59-You’re learning; 60-69-Good!; 70-79-Very Good!; 80-89-Excellent! 90-100+ - How would you like to teach this class?!