The Key To Success - Part 1


I. What God Told Joshua. Josh 1:1-8.


  A. “Meditate in My Word so you’ll know what to do. Then do it and  prosper and succeed.”


  B.  Application of principle: Jericho. “How will you handle Jericho?” Josh 6:1-20.


  C.  Our Choice: Our way or God’s Way. God’s Way is His Word.


II. What Jesus Told His Disciples. Lk 6:46-49


  A. “Hear what I’m saying, then do it according to my instructions and you will win every time.”


  B. House is us. We’re talking about standing or falling in the problems, tests and trials of life.


  C. Notice again that it’s doing the Word - not just hearing it that causes us to succeed.


  D. Our Choice: Our way or God’s Way. God’s Way is His Word.


  E. Examples of doing Jesus’ Words.

    1. Lk 6:38. A Prayer for money that didn’t work until we did it God’s way.

    2. Lk 6:35  A debt to me not repaid; what should I do?


III. What The Holy Spirit Tells Believers. Jas 1:22-25, 2:17.


  A. “I’ll speak to you from my Word, then do what it says and be blessed in all that you do.”


  B. Application: “How will you handle your Finances?”


    1. Choice: Our way (Prayer only)  vs God’s Way (Prayer + Action)


    2. What about a farmer? Prayer alone? Or Prayer + Action.


  C. Application: “How will you handle the Fire?”: Man’s Way vs God’s Way


    1. Choice: “Man’s way”. Give up on God and struggle. Most of our neighbors did this.


    2. Or “God’s Way  After going God’s Way, Instruction came. 1 Sam 30 - “Pursue”.


  D. Bad things happen, but if,  or how we recover depends upon us. Lk 6:46-49.


  E. Pr 2:1-6 Success that follows doing God’s Word isn’t a reward, no more than a farmer
      receiving a good crop is a reward. It’s a result of placing yourself in the flow of God by
      adhering to the principles of life given in His Word. ‘So many struggle in the eddies of life
      when they could be drifting in the flow of God.’ Future classes and homework will be
      directed to showing how to do this.