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Here are just a few of the unsolicited testimonies received from students.




I am enjoying the lessons.  I am an Assistant Pastor at a church and the lessons feed my Spirit.  Thank you.    D.C.


Just came across your online bible school and want to comment by saying that you have created a very good bible school website. I have seen a lot of  websites but I would rank this one among my favorites. Thanks.   V.P.


I really enjoy following along on the CDs and what you are teaching does provide more depth to my prior bible studies. I am noticing that when the Word of God gets into my spirit I begin to feel better as my faith is increasing and what I had been learning before now has new depth and meaning.    A.H.


I found your site and like what you have done.  I am a former pastor and am helping my current church in developing its bible teaching ministry.  I have looked for online lessons that I could use, but have not really found any actual bible overview and bible study type lessons.  Will probably do that and make it available such as you have over the internet.  I would also like to make our church aware of your site and use it as well.   OK?    R.M.


I have been looking into these studies that you have online for awhile, and i am richly Blessed! I have been in ministry for about 11 yrs and i have come to know bro's and sister's teaching these kinds of principles, and I have been also speaking these principles, but not really knowing why or how they work? But thanks to you I have been hearing and applying with a better understanding and I am blessed Thank you from my heart!   D.G.

Thank you so much for this teaching, in the past weeks I have been doing the very things I learned in this study and I see the Lord changing me, and through that , my life. our finances, the very thing we are going through you spoke almost word for word, that really woke me up, we give now and even though it doesn’t make sense, we know the Lord never fails.   C.L.


I've been looking for a good online Bible Study, and I have looked at many dozens of them. Most of what I've seen either seemed to be "too easy", i.e., a diploma mill, or from a school that charges $200 to $300 per semester hour. Yours looks "tough enough" so that I can actually learn something! :) And, I certainly can't complain about the price.   S.V.


This attachment is the homework for the lesson "The Power of Words".  This one I heard over and over again!! I think it's time to move on, but I don't know if anything could top this one!  What a WONDERFUL lesson!! Mike, I never heard or thought about the power of words spoken in my life.   P.W.


I just wanted to let you know what a blessing this Bible study is. You mentioned in a session, that the Lord told you in a dream, that this study would help people you may never see. How true this is, because I can't even begin to tell you how much its blessing me and my family, as I share the scriptures with them that you talk about. I am taking my time with each session, looking up the scriptures, after listening to the lesson. I may take several days on one lesson just so the Holy Spirit can speak to me as I meditate.   S.A.


Man, you seem to know what I need & when I need it.  First of all I took your suggestion on repenting ..., and you were right I did feel better. THANKS.   J.B.

 I hope the rest of the school is as wonderful as the first two lessons. You are a gifted speaker; praise God for men like you in the body. What a wonderful blessing you have been in my life.   M.G.

Thank you so much for making your material available for free. My husband and I pastor a small church however we have not been to bible college and my husband works full time. I also teach so I highly appreciate the effort that you put into the lessons.  I know that people who have been saved for awhile probably think they already know a lot of the material. However I know they do not have a line upon line precept upon precept knowledge of the topics the way that you present them. Your teachings are clear and complete! Your material is the best and user friendly topical studies I have found. I know that everyone doesn't appreciate them because they do not think like a teacher. I know how really good they are! They are concise, simple yet complete. Pure word with excellent examples! Once again thank you so very much!   P.S.                    

Can I just say a few things about the 1st lesson?  WOW!! I had to listen, and listen, and listen again, and again. I did not want to miss anything. This was so rich to me.  I have read and studied the word of God, but never thought about doing the word. The Father showed me immediately that I  must "DO" His Word and not be a "Hearer" only ,when He had me discover your website!! I loved what you said about the Father telling you, that a person can only read the word so many hours a day, but we can do His word 24 hours a day!! That was unbelievable to me!! I got it!! I want to do His word because I know that's what I'm suppose to do!  Mike, this is great!! I love listening to the class give their comments and the laughter!! You all sound great and what a pleasure the Father has given me to be part of it. I have stored these treasures  from this lesson in my heart! My faith continues to come as I listen to these teachings.   P.W. 

I work and can't go to all bible studies and fellowshipping, and I began looking on the Internet for an online bible study. After many hour of checking so so very many out and going back and looking more, this site kept bringing me back. So I came in here looking for an exciting way to connect my bible with my everyday living.   S.B. 


Well let me tell you. This teaching is working. I find that when I speak to others that I'll be talking about things I've learned from here. Like I sometimes get on this phone prayer line and find I'm praying what I've learned. Also on Sunday's when I teach, I speak what I've learned. This just one example. This shows that what you put in it will come out as you taught in one of your lessons. Praise God !   Pastor R.T.


Thank God for your life and your family, for the Word of God you have imparted to us who are willing to study. The Word of God has become alive in my life as I follow these lessons. I believe that God is bringing increase into my life as I obey His instructions. God appointed me as a leader in the fellowship that I am attending, and I have begun to teach bible study. Please pray for me that i may be sensitive to hear what God said for me to do.  E.R.

I love this course.  It made me feel as though I was in the room with you.  I.W.






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