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A little about my family and myself...

I thought that due to the impersonal nature of the Internet, you might like to know a little more about my family and myself. To this end, I have included something on this below.

For those who want to know what I and my family believe, please read the Faith Statement on the side panel.



Scene of our Home Bible Study  

 Mike & Marianne with extended family.



My name is Mike. I'm the Bible teacher you will hear in these teachings. I received my university degrees in 1963 and 1966 in Mechanical Engineering and was, for many years, an engineer by profession. 

I was born again in 1974. The Lord began to teach me about His Word almost immediately. The Bible truly came alive and the Lord impressed me right from the beginning that the Power in His Word came from DOING it. Soon I was teaching the Bible on a regular basis.  This has continued to the present day. Soon after I was born again and filled with the Spirit, the Lord led me to start an engineering company that eventually ended up designing airbags and seat belt systems for almost all of the major automobile manufacturers and suppliers. This led to the development of proprietary software which simulated automobile crashes and injury, which was subsequently sold to the car manufacturers and suppliers as an aid to reduce car crash testing.  While all this was going on I felt called to a Bible teaching ministry and ended up teaching the Bible over a 40 year period. The things I learned about running a business based upon Biblical principles provided the background necessary to teach some of the practical lessons on these CD's.

Marianne, my wife since 1963,  and my best friend, provides the snug home atmosphere for the weekly Bible Studies that eventually led to these lessons. Marianne is also the loving mother of our three children, Kelly, Erin, and Sean and is a weaver of some repute with four looms in her Studio - 'Stillwater Studio'. She also teaches weaving and exhibits her work at various art galleries. I have been blessed with a lifetime partner who puts up with all my eccentricities (except for when she doesn't).

Several years ago, I retired early from my engineering business and have been teaching the Bible more. After a few years of this, the Lord led Marianne and I to pause our weekly Bible Study in order to make our teachings available online. This web site is the fruit of that work. 

My interests are enjoying my life with Marianne,  ball games and activities with our grandchildren and great-grandchildren, running,  astronomy (Stillwaters Observatory)  and, of course, fulfilling the needs of this school.

One daughter, Kelly and her husband Mike - a contractor , have 6 children, and another daughter, Erin and her husband Sean, have 2 children. We also have a son, Sean, who is a contractor and welder, who has one child.   We also have two great-grandchildren.  We are blessed!

In our Bible Studies - really teachings, you will hear other group members contribute occasionally and will hear as I ask the Homework questions and hear how the group responds. So settle back, go to the "1st Year" page, choose a lesson series, start the CD, load your outline,  and listen as we learn together some of the great truths of the Bible...

"Moreover, I will endeavor that ye may be able after my decease to have these things always in remembrance" - 2P1:15 KJV


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