Work With Us

Be Part of our growing ministry. Work with us.

My Bible Alive works with an assortment of activities to bring God’s affection and His message to the world.  This is not just about bible reading under your favourite old tree in the park. This is about influencing more youths from all around the world to join our cause.

We advance civil rights by noting the call to battle the imbalances and wrongs endured by different individuals. We join forces with different associations to furnish under-resourced people and networks with admittance to fundamental human necessities. Our endeavors to foster future Christian pioneers’ territory from engaging the up-and-coming age of preachers and Christian pioneers to broadening the span of the neighborhood and worldwide church through chapel planting, nurturing, and tutoring pioneers.

There are as yet basic activities to be done as such we can see much more lives changed. We are ¾ of the best approach to arriving at our objective of giving $1 million to My Bible Alive this year. You might inquire “How might I see God’s increasing power working on the planet?”

The following are 3 different ways you can take part:

  • Petition God for our service accomplices and 94 evangelists all over the planet.
  • Go on a transient mission’s trip. Watch for open doors coming in 2022.
  • Provide for My Bible Alive

We accept God will accomplish something important as every one of us implores and answer what God is expressing to us.

We fund missions globally.